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Corrosion Prevention of Oil Extraction Equipment and Pipelines

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Corrosion Prevention of Oil Extraction Equipment and Pipelines

In the last article we discussed the causes of corrosion in oil extraction equipment, then we introduce how to prevent corrosion and reduce the effect of corrosion.

Five effective preventive measures are introduced, which are: strengthen the production management of the plant, rationally select materials, improve the production and installation level of equipment, improve the level of processing operation, strengthen the control of water quality, and adopt electrochemical protection. Here are some of the specific operations for everyone.

1. Strengthen production management in the workshop
In order to prevent atmospheric corrosion of oil extraction machinery and pipelines, one or two layers of non-metallic protective coating (one layer of anti-corrosive paint and the other layer of silver powder paint) are generally applied to the outer layers of oil equipment and pipes. However, the protective layer of corrosion protection can only be reliably preserved if it is guaranteed to be complete. Otherwise corrosive media will also corrode through the cracks or damaged parts penetrating into the body metal. Therefore, the surface of the oil extraction equipment should be kept clean during processing. If it is adhered to the equipment such as lubricating oil, it should be removed in time to prevent the paint protective layer from being dissolved and damaged.

2. Reasonable selection of materials to improve equipment manufacturing and installation level
In addition to the stereotypes and replacement of the equipment structure, the design and manufacturing department should also make more efforts in material selection and manufacturing. Since carbon steel is a corrosive raw material, it is preferable to choose stainless steel as the pipe material from an economic point of view. Aluminum tubes can also be used, but attention should be paid to the connection and sealing of aluminum tubes such as condensers.

3. Improve the level of process operation
In the production and processing of oil extraction equipment, the powder degree of cake should be minimized and extracted with heat as much as possible. Do not leave the pre-pressed cake for too long, so as to avoid bad chemical reaction of the cake and generate harmful gas to cause corrosion to the equipment.

4. Strengthen the control of water quality
Conditional oil plants should control the corrosion caused by impurities in the water, and choose an economically feasible cooling water pretreatment method to make it be qualified water source.

5. Adopt electrochemical protection
The cathodic protection method of the petrochemical industry can be used for reference, and the condenser using river water as a coolant can be used.

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