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Cold Press or Hot Press for Oil Press Equipment?

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Cold Press or Hot Press for Oil Press Equipment?

With the popularity of the oil press equipment sales market, more and more users want to join the industry of oil press machinery. However, in the process of purchasing the oil machinery, there is a big trouble, which is that it is better to hot or cold press.

Cold pressing means that the oilseeds is directly fed into the complete set of equipment without being heated or low temperature before being pressed. The temperature of the extracted oil is relatively low and the acid value is relatively low, so there is no need to refine the oil. After direct precipitation and filtration, the refined oil can be obtained.

In fact, the level of oil output is closely related to the moisture and temperature of the oilseeds. If you want to change the level of oil output, you have to adjust the moisture and temperature of the oilseeds, which is the root cause. Of course, proper handling of external factors can also improve oil yield. For example, crop selection, pre-press processing steps, cold pressing or hot pressing, etc.

Cold pressing is oil without the process of frying. Cold pressed oil has a good color and is relatively light. The key is that the cold-pressed oil will not foam when it is fried, and it will not silt the pot.

Hot pressing means to press the oil after frying in a wok. The oil taste of cooked oil is relatively pure and more fragrant, especially sesame and peanuts, which are rich in oil. The disadvantage is that it will foam the silt without frying. Relatively speaking, hot pressed oil is relatively high, but this is not absolute. Therefore, the selection of cold pressing or hot pressing of complete set of oil pressing equipment is aimed at oil materials, and the specific situation requires specific operations.

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