During the work of rice bran oil processing equipment, we do not forget to clean up. Today, Huatai Oil Machinery, a cereals and oils processing machinery manufacturer, analyzes the significance and method of cleaning for you.

(1) Increasing the extraction amount of rice bran oil
The impurities in the oil are not fat by themselves, but some of the oil is taken up during the production of the rice bran oil processing equipment. If too much impurities are present, the plasticity of the parison is reduced, making it loose, which affects the oil yield of the rice bran oil machinery.

(2) Improve the quality of oil and wet meal
The soil, as well as the stems and leaves above the plants contain many organic impurities, increasing the color of the finished rice bran oil. Some of these impurities may be toxic to humans or animals.

(3) Reducing the wear and tear of rice bran oil processing equipment
Impurities such as sediment, stones and metals have a strong detrimental effect on rice bran oil processing machinery, which will seriously wear out all components and reduce the service life of rice bran oil equipment. Metal, stone and other hard impurities can also cause damage to the rice bran oil machinery during pressure operation.

(4) Increasing the processing load of oil equipment
If the oil contains more impurities, it will occupy a larger volume, which will reduce the burden on the rice bran oil equipment and increase the processing difficulties in the oil processing equipment.

(5) Improving production conditions
The dust will damage the health of the operators of rice bran oil processing equipment in the transportation and processing of vegetable oil and cause environmental pollution.

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