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Causes of Corrosion in Oil Extraction Equipment and Pipelines

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Causes of Corrosion in Oil Extraction Equipment and Pipelines

Based on the actual work experience of engineers, the corrosion problems of oil extraction machinery and pipelines are studied. The main causes of corrosion are discussed from the aspects of atmosphere, cooling water, mixed oil, dissolved steam and equipment manufactured, and the measures to prevent and retard corrosion are put forward.

Compared with the traditional oil pressing machine, the oil extraction equipment is widely used in the oil and fat industry because of its high oil yield and low consumption. At present, there are more than 1,600 oil equipment workshops in China, and the leaching processing capacity accounts for more than 80% of the total oil production capacity. However, due to the contact with a large amount of corrosive medium in the process, the corrosion problems of equipment and pipelines are more serious. To a certain extent, the resulting abnormal loss of solvent and shortened depreciation period of the equipment reduce the economic efficiency of the oil extraction plant.

First, we will analyze the causes of the corrosion of the oil extraction equipment:

1. Corrosion is the process of destruction or properties cracking caused by chemical or electrochemical interaction between the metal and the surrounding medium. The essence is the consumption of metal oxidized into metal ions. The so-called rust is also a common manifestation of metal corrosion.

2. The material of the oil extraction equipment is mostly metal. The chemical corrosion mechanism of the metal is that when the metal is in contact with the corrosive medium for a long time, the corresponding compound (oxide, sulfide) is formed on the surface of the metal. The electrochemical corrosion of the metal is similar to the reaction of the original battery, which is a multi-phase oxidation-reduction reaction.

3. Ordinary carbon steel has good physical properties, mechanical properties and processing properties, and has a wide range of sources and low price. They have different electrical potentials. Therefore, when the carbon-iron alloy is in contact with the electrolyte solution, many corrosive micro-battery will be formed., in which ferrite is the anode and carbon body is the cathode, so as to make the oil leaching machine encounter strong corrosion.

In the next article we will introduce how to prevent corrosion, please continue to pay attention to us and protect your equipment. If you have any other questions, please visit our factory and official website:


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