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Automatic Rice Bran Oil Refining Machine Process Line

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Automatic Rice Bran Oil Refining Machine Process Line

Refining pot: also named dephosphorization and deacidification tank, under 60-70¡æ, it occurs acidbase neutralization reaction with sodium hydroxide. After stirring by reduction box, it can decrease the acid value in oil and separate the impurity, phospholipid which will enter into soap stock. The oil can be refined further.

Bleaching pot: Also named bleaching, dewatering pot, it removes water from oil by vacuum. The bleaching earth is breathed into bleaching pot, after stirring, filtrated by filter and change the color of the oil.

Vertical blade filter machine: Equipped with vertical leaf filter to remove used bentonite from the oil, operating conveniently and continuously, low laboring tense, keeps environment well, keeps oil residence in deposable bleaching earth in low level.

Deodorization pot: It uses USU 304 stainless steel plate, under the vacuum condition of vacuum and high temperature (220-240¡æ), The deodorization system can remove fatty acid and other rare delicacy high efficiently. Meanwhile, the pot has the advantage of lowering steam consuming and avoid of the hydrolyzation of oil.



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