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Analysis Of The Operation Of Rice Bran Oil Equipment

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Analysis Of The Operation Of Rice Bran Oil Equipment

Rice bran oil equipment in use, the freshness of rice bran on the pressure of oil greatly affected, because the rice bran lipolytic enzyme in the storage process, if the temperature, water suitable, easy to make rice bran rancidity, the quality of the resulting bran oil, refining rate low.

1. Screening: The rice bran over 30 mesh sieve to remove broken rice and other impurities. Broken rice in the baking process will gelatinize and sticky, so that together with rice bran, squeeze caused by oil blockage, so that the oil rate decreased.

2. Mixed with coarse bran: Mixed with bran to help clear the oil, increase the pressure chamber pressure, shorten the press time, improve the oil rate. Generally mixed with coarse bran content of rice bran content of 10% to 15%.

3. Baking: Rice bran oil equipment needs to be rice bran oil is also mixed with the protein into colloidal cells exist in the oil cells. In rice, the rice bran is squeezed and rubbed, its oil cells have been basically destroyed, but the colloids have not yet been destroyed. One of the ways to break the colloid is to stir fry and fry the protein to coagulate and fry the grease. In the use of pan frying, the thickness of the material to about 13mm is appropriate, too little loading, pot center parts of the billet easy to coke.

Start the fire can be bigger, in a large number of water evaporation, the use of small fire baking frying, each pot Shao fried 15~20min, baking temperature control in the 125~130 ¡æ, when the material fried to dark yellow, Not into a group, stir into the oil out of the oil residue. Mix the slag and then fry a few minutes to pan. Pan action to be fast, usually within 2min out of the net, no blank, not coking. Ask the rice bran when the temperature of the pan at 100 ~ 105 ¡æ, water content of 1% to 2%.




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