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1-20tons rice bran oil production line

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1-20tons rice bran oil production line

The production line for rice bran oil involves several stages:

1. Rice Bran Pretreatment: This includes bran and thresher rice separation, tempering, puffing, and drying. The rice bran is separated from the threshing rice to remove impurities such as broken rice and coarse bran shells. After cleaning, the rice bran is sent into the tempering pot to adjust the temperature and moisture to a condition suitable for puffing. The effect of puffing is to destroy the cellular organization of the rice bran and change its internal voidiness, while simultaneously boosting its permeability and improving the leaching efficiency. After puffing, the rice bran enters flatbed drying equipment for drying and cooling.

2. Rice Bran Oil Cake Solvent Extraction: The puffed rice bran particles are transferred to a solvent extractor. The solvent extraction method is the most commonly used process in the market, with a residual oil rate of less than 1%.

3. Rice Bran Oil Refining: The extracted oil undergoes physical deacidification and deodorization technology, resulting in high refining yield and good quality oil.

The entire process is designed to increase extraction efficiency, reduce residual oil rate, and improve the quality of the extracted oil. It’s important to note that the specifics of this process can vary depending on the specific equipment and technology used.



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