When the oil is filtered and extracted, the rice bran oil extraction equipment can effectively filter impurities in the oil, so as to improve the purity of the oil and improve the quality of the oil. Therefore, the use of edible oil extraction and refining equipment to filter oil is very beneficial, allowing us to get higher economic benefits.

However, what impurities have been extracted from the vegetable oil extraction and refining equipment? As a result, the oil has become more pure? Henan Huatai Oil Machinery is here to discuss with you today:

1. Pigment. Fat itself contains a large amount of pigments, if excessive consumption of these pigments, then it will affect the health of people. Therefore, the cooking oil extraction machinery will filter out these pigments, which can improve the health of fats and oils.

2. Free fatty acids in fats and oils. Free fatty acids have a great influence on human health, so the cooking oil extraction equipment can well filter free fatty acids in oils, making the oils more healthy;

3. The oil will also contain some mixture of impurities, the oil extraction equipment can also successfully extract these impurities, which can improve the quality of the oil.

Therefore, when the oil extraction equipment filter the oil, the above impurities are mainly filtered out, so that the quality of oil can be effectively improved.

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